Name: Nitro
Price: 5.00 USD

The Nitro rank comes with the [Nitro] Prefix before the player's name. And it also comes with the option of Light Red chat text. You also receive the ability to use silk touch on spawners.

This rank comes with the following commands:

  • /near
  • /sit
  • /hat
  • /back
  • /lay
  • /chatcolor - Yellow - White - Gray
  • /shrug 

You receive the following kit(24h Cooldown):

This rank also comes with all perks that come with the ranks before it. With the exception of the Prefix.

At this time, all ranks are subject to change; this means we will continue to add or remove certain perks of our ranks. If you help us improve our server you will be at the front of these changes. You will also receive to the ability to access a Donator only Discord Channel, given you have a Discord Account.